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Iranian Banned Because Of Sportsmanship. Age-defying In Air And Water

October 09, 2023 2 min read

Iranian Banned Because Of Sportsmanship. Age-defying In Air And Water

Saturday, October 7, 2023
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1. Iran would get the boot In Senior Games. 

There is nothing more sacred in state senior games or national masters competition in any sport than sportsmanship. I witnessed a man in the 65-69 year old Pickleball tournament in the National Senior Games melt down at a referee over her alleged mistakes, in rules and line calls, but after the match he hugged the winner, congratulated him, and said the winner earned the win.

That's why when I see an older Iranian athlete castigated, shunned, and banned for life by the country's sports governing body it raises my ire, and yours, too.

He did the unthinkable. He shook the hand of an athlete from Israel.

Here is the story from late summer.

And consider this, too. If an Iranian Geezer Jock competed here and shook the hand of a Geezer Jock from Israel and feared reprisal and couldn't return to his country, doors would open here. He would hear multiple times, "Brother, I have a cottage out back you are welcome to stay in until your asylum papers are cleared."

It makes me feel good that Geezer Jocks with opposing political views competed fairly and squarely, sometimes on the same team, throughout the summer and fall. 

2. Two more stories on age-defying, gravity-defying Geezer Jocks.

You don't have to prove your gusto by jumping out of an airplane. This link is just raising the bar for you, or showing what's possible, that's all.

Dorothy Hoffner, 104, who uses a walker, strapped on a parachute and jumped earlier this month. She is trying to get recognized by The Guinness World Record folks. 

Meanwhile, down here on earth, a Japanese surfer hit the waves trying for a Guinness World Record.

Seiichi Sano, 89, first climbed Mt. Fuji at 80. That wasn't enough for him. At 89 he became the oldest male surfer, according to Guinness.

3. Looking at maps is good for you..and fun.

I love looking at maps. I have a world map covering a wall in my basement. Lately, while traveling, I use Google Maps every day.

Long Youthspan has a story you should read about a sport you likely haven't heard of. Orienteering.

The ex-military guys would win gold medals. The rest of us could just have fun. 

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