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How Do You Geezer Jock: Kathy Harvey

February 18, 2023 2 min read 1 Comment

How Do You Geezer Jock: Kathy Harvey

Kathy Harvey
Track & Field
Pattenberg, N.J.
People on the street and how they exercise. What they
get from it...and what we can learn from them.


What kind of challenges are you going through now? 

"Horses are great!  Unfortunately I was thrown from one in Ireland in November and shattered my femur and broke my wrist.  I am just learning to walk again this week and will be in physical therapy for another two months.

"I am nationally ranked in Master's USATF for hurdles, High Jump, Long Jump, Triple Jump, 60 and 200, but the years of running and playing soccer most likely will be over (with this injury). It makes me sad as I wanted to compete in the Senior Games for the first time and USATF in Pittsburgh.
"I doubt I will be able to run/jump, much less compete at the National level, but I may be able to switch to throwing the shot putt! We just have to redefine ourselves and find another way to compete. I hopefully will be able to ride again, we'll see in a few months."
Did you set some goals or reach a dream while you were running?
"The last two years of the Master's USATF was held at the New Balance Armory.  I also wanted to compete there as my daughter did. My dream came true twice!"
What did you do that might be unusual for exercise?
"I played soccer for the past 15 years with an all men's team. I love the dynamics of the men, and women at times came to be snarky!
I guess I will also miss coaching my middle school soccer team by playing with them and getting in the thick of things at practice. I will still coach, but it will be different."
What keeps you going without the sports you love?
"Many people are hurting for me with the loss of sports that I love. At almost 63 and a retired Physical Educator I believe I am lucky. I had many years at the top, enjoying several sports, thousands of kids and hundreds of teammates.  My accident could have been worse.  A positive outlook was instilled in me from a young age on the farm and on sport teams.
"I look at my daughter, Morgan, who is a twin and born at 28 weeks gestation and marvel at she and her sister's athletic accomplishments. I never once gave in to " they may die". They were 1.5  and 3.9 pounds at birth. 
"Along with their older brother and sister, they all played sports in college. I hope my strength was passed on to them and will continue to inspire my grandchildren as well. The cup is always 1/2 FULL!"

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Michael Cusack
Michael Cusack

February 27, 2023

What an inspiring story! With such a positive attitude and such determination, I am sure you will compete again very soon.

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