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How Do You Geezer Jock: Deb DeHaven

March 04, 2023 3 min read 3 Comments

How Do You Geezer Jock: Deb DeHaven

Deb DeHaven, 64. Stevens, Pa.
Learning Support Progress Monitor
Ephrata Rec Center Instructor
Unified Track Coach
Middle School Girls’ Soccer Coach
National “D” Soccer Coaching License
National Goalkeeping License
USATF Athlete

2021 No. 1 Pentathlon in the US
2019 No. 2 in the Long Hurdles NCCMA
2019 No. 2 in the Triple Jump NCCMA
2019 No. 3 in the Long Jump NCCMA
2019 No. 2 60-meter Hurdles in the US
2021 No. 2 Steeplechase in the NCCMA and U.S.

1. How does staying fit help you with everyday life? What is easier because you have agility?

There are so many components to staying fit at my age.

It’s not only the physical fitness aspect but also the mental aspect as well. I
love sports, and I also love to read. If you have a healthy balance by keeping
your mind and body fit, you will become and stay a healthier you.

It’s important as we get older to exercise our brains as well as our bodies. I set
aside three days out of the week for weight training (30minutes), four days for
running and hurdling (20 minutes), and every day for reading.

2. Is there an injury you had where you had a positive recovery? What led to good results?

I had a rotator cuff and labrum torn 15 years ago. I came back stronger than ever with my left shoulder. When I started my physical therapy, I decided whatever torture they would put me through, I would do at least two more no matter what the pain level was. If I was on a timer for an activity, I would set that timer 1-2 minutes longer for each timed activity. I kept that promise, and my recovery was faster than what the surgeon predicted. Going the extra mile certainly pays off in large dividends at the end.

3. Is there a favorite exercise you have?

I teach a Speed Camp at the Ephrata Rec Center. I love doing drills with ladders, rings, and cones. My ladder drills consist of: Icky Shuffle, Centipede, In and Out, Carioca, Side Straddle Hop, Crossover, Sidestep, One Step High Knees, One Step Butt Kicks, Back and Forth, and Hopscotch. Ring drills: Right Left Right left, Single Step Forward, Scissors, Forward and Backward Hops, In and Out, Skiing, and a Gradual Leaping Drill.

Some great cone drills for sprinters are: “Z” drill, “N” drill, Sprint forward then slide behind, 4 Corner Drill, “V” Drill, 3 Cone Serpentine Drill, T test, Nebraska Agility Drill, 4 Corner Sprint and Back Pedal Drill.

4. What obstacles have you encountered this year while trying to compete as a master’s athlete?

This year has been quite interesting for me so far. I’ve been battling a shoulder injury for over a year now. It’s the same one I had repaired 15 years ago. My surgeon feels because of my lack of mobility with it, there might be something in there that hasn’t healed properly from this summer when I fell. I can’t get it operated on now because I found out I have high blood pressure (180/100). This is something I would have never expected because I’m only five feet two inches tall and I weigh 100 pounds.

I had the mentality that as long as I stay fit, I can eat anything I want to, and
I won’t gain weight, so it’s ok. I was wrong! The doctor told me flat out I
need to start eating healthier. No salt, no sweets, no red meat, no
preservatives, no food that has artificial flavoring, and limit your caffeine. I
thought my world just came to an end.

So as my doctor requested, I started to go full speed ahead on a dash diet. What a difference this diet has made in my life. I no longer have migraines six days a week. I used to wake up in the middle of the night with a migraine not knowing what caused it. The answer was right in front of me all along. It was my poor eating habits I picked up over the years.

I have been migraine free since I was diagnosed with high blood pressure by being on a dash diet. With the help of medication and the dash diet, my blood pressure has drastically improved. It’s still not where it should be but I’m out of the Hypertensive Crisis Stage.

The moral of the story is you are what you eat. You might not see it on the outside but in the inside it’s evident, and it can be deadly if it’s tampering with your blood pressure. Eventually I am leaning towards more of a plant-based diet. I’ve come a long way and I will get there by taking small steps one at a time.

3 Responses

Hannah Phillips
Hannah Phillips

March 26, 2023

I compete with Deb, even though we’re in different age groups and it’s always an honor. The masters track club is a special one, and inspirations like Deb are part of it. Also, she has a great sense of humor which I always enjoy. Go Deb, keep up all your delightful

Kathy Harvey
Kathy Harvey

March 19, 2023

Great to see my competitor in Geezer Jock! Hang in there Deb. You will come out stronger on the other side! I know the docs will get the BP down.

Jennifer Wheaton
Jennifer Wheaton

March 12, 2023

Thank you for Sharing this story. I have had a similar experience to Deb regarding high blood pressure. I had daily migraines too. I found out I had high blood pressure accidentally during a dental procedure. I lost 72lbs by eating healthy and became very fit. at 49, I had to start high blood pressure medication. At 52, my blood pressure is managed but I work hard to keep my weight down and remain very fit. If a message can come from our stories, please women especially, check your blood pressure on a regular basis even in your 30’s and don’t wait for a crisis to start eating healthy and excising. I certainly would have had a stroke or heart attack by now had I not changed my life style.

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